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We perform complex research and design works in such fields:
  • Comprehensive auditing of operating facilities and on its basis development of complex marketing programs, programs on energy saving and technical update of cement plants;
  • Optimisation of raw material sources for cement plants, including choice of reasonable modular characteristics of portland cement raw mixtures and wider use of local recycle materials and wastes of power engineering, metallurgy and processing industries;
  • Improvements in raw mixture preparation, process flowsheet and principles of continuous process control. Introduction of raw mixture preparation continuous process at lines with traditional batch process. Development and introduction of software for PC-based control;
  • Engineering and manufacture of plants for introduction of electric precipitator-recovered dust from rotary kiln hot end;
  • Optimization of thermal engineering and aerodynamic conditions of wet and dry process kiln unit operation;
  • Increasing of portland cement clinker activity;
  • Development and introduction of portland cement grinding intensification methods, including those based on improvement of portland cement clinker grindability;
  • Search and application of new additives to cement, including active mineral additives capable of complete or partial substitition of granular blast furnace slag in cement charge;
  • Expansion of products list - development of technical specifications and organization of manufacture of special cement types - expanding and self-stressed, sulphate resistant, various oil well types;
  • Burning of unusable harmful substances, including pesticides, in cement kiln units. An efficient and absolutely environment-friendly new process, including pretreatment of pesticides at their storages;
  • Development of transformation concept into combined and dry processes for any cement plant. A radically new approach by stepwise introduction of energy-saving solutions which step by step create an infrastructure for introduction of modern dry process equipment at low costs;
  • Commissioning works at single equipment units and entire process lines. Attaining of nameplate values of capacity, product quality and energy consumption;
  • Training and improvement of qualification of personnel, including top specialists, for plants and engineering companies
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