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SIC "Torkret"
Basic activity of LTD. NPP "Torkret" is building and repair of production and dwellings apartments with the use of new technologies and modern build materials TM "Ecocem".
Presently we execute finishings works by the mechanized method, applying the modern equipment of the known world producers. Application of new technologies allows practically fully to mechanize preparation of solution and causing of him on a working surface. We use dry build mixtures as on gipseous so on cement basis, that allows us to carry out as internal so (plaster, device of chaffs) so outward works (heat-insulation and plastering of facades of buildings). Application of own mixtures of TM "Ecocem" allows us to provide high quality of build solutions and offer to our users very attractive prices on executable works. In addition, LTD. of NPP "Torkret" offers to the sale clout machines and provides necessary build materials, instruments and komplektuyuschimi.
Mironosizkaya st., 54, office 1,
Ukraina, 61002
tel.: +3 8 (097) 05 72 148
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