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Directions of activity
  • Marketing and engineering maintenance and Technical Support of research and project developments, balancing and commissioning, bringing production lines and individual types of equipment up to the design capacity
  • Energy-saving technologies of cement production, development of proposals concerning transfer of manufacturing lines from the wet to combination and dry process
  • Comprehensive utilization of by-products and industrial waste to perfect the raw material base of cement industry and clinkering control.
  • Optimization of production processes of manufacturing Portland cement raw mixture and clinker burning at plants of wet and dry processes using state-of-the-art computational techniques on a PC basis
  • Elimination of detrimental toxic waste in rotary kilns, including unserviceable pesticides
  • Nature protection , estimation of environmental impact of new technologies and objects under construction, development and implementation of proposals for treatment of waste gases, development of measures for environmental protection
  • Development of flexible process flowsheets for enlarged assortment of binding materials for general and special purposes, dry mixes with a wide range of building and technical properties
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