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SCG "Ecology"
In the complement of SCG "Ecology" the people of high professional level, many years engaged in teoriticheskimi developments and their introduction in the sphere of cement industry, enter.
Alexandr Victorovich Lisenko
Elena Viktorovna Degtyar
Head of the Development Department.
25 years of working in cement industry. Co-designer of new methods of Portland cement clinker kilning, application of basalt and novel by-products to cement industry. The author of computer programs for clinker kilning in multithreaded production processes. Has over 40 published works and papers at International and All-Union technical conferences on cement chemistry and technology.
Veniamin Leonidovich Bernstein
Research Manager of SCG "Ekologia".
30 years of working in cement industry. Candidate of Science (engineering), senior researcher. Corresponding member of the Academy of Engineering of Ukraine. Principal research activities concern issues of energy-saving and cement quality enhancement. The author of a series of developments for controlled influence on clinkering during the burning of Portland cement clinker and structure formation. 185 scientific works have been published, including 3 monographs. Has over 40 certificates of authorship of the USSR and patents of Ukraine and the Russian Federation. The author of papers at International Congresses on cement chemistry (France, India) and symposia (Germany, India, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey).
Andrey Nikolayevich Baranov
Chief Research Collaborator.
30 years of working in cement industry. Doctor of Science (engineering), assistant professor. Acclaimed authority in simulation of manufacturing, thermotechnical and aerodynamic processes. While conducting research on coherent structures, he developed theoretical principles of guniting. The author of more than 100 scientific papers.
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